ovirginsaint's Journal

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I'm 28 years old and married. I've loved art for as long as I can remember and have been drawing just as long. Music is my muse, I enjoy writing and sketching to it, especially Asian and Middle Eastern songs.

I've recently taken an interest in my digital camera, thanks to my four lovely Asian Ball-joint dolls, Celeste (Shall, from Dream of Doll), Drystan (El from Cerberus Project/Luts) Nephele (Juri 2006 head/Feeple body) and Nerine (Custom House Fairy Ai Hanael). I've also got two floating heads, Makalaure (Juri 07 A) and Alliele (Morena Baccarin Minimee), and a third will be arriving whenever Migidoll decides she's done making him, a Miho. I also want to take up sewing; if my mom read this, she'd die of a heart attack. ;) And I'd like to get into face up painting, possibly modding later. My doll family is completely planned! :D Except the parts where it wasn't.