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Ain't posted in a while, been mostly been doing tribal fusion practice, which is tooons of fun, some art, watching movies, playing games, and some writing.

Not much is really going on, though I'm looking forward to summer. It's warm already, and I want to grab some shots of the sakura before all the petals wilt and blow away. Sometimes it's like there's no spring at all, it just goes from cold or mildly cold to hot. I'm not really complaining. Being stuck inside on a warm day does make me antsy though.

Reminder to self: Draw Michael's pokemon trainer and trainer!Nenya soon. Need to break in the new sketchbook. Also need to find some stickers to slap on the front of it.
Ever since Matt put the computer in the living room, hooked up to the tv...it's been a lot less fun up here :/

Writer's Block: A political affair

Do you think the public has a legitimate right to know about a politician’s personal/romantic life? When, if ever, do you think a politician’s personal history is relevant to his/her ability to perform in office?

Rule #1: Politicians are corrupt.
Rule #2: Politicians have power, and chicks are attracted to power.
Rule #3: The above two rules have been in place since time immemorial.

That said, I don't care unless they're using taxpayer dollars to go fly down to Buenos Aires to see their lover. Cheat on your own dime, and explain away the expenses when your wife starts noticing that something's up in the privacy of your living room instead of national tv.

Writer's Block: Fuzzy friend

If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?


I would so ditch this job to catch cute, wild animals.

Writer's Block: My endless love

Who, or what, is the greatest love of your life? Is it a person? Is it a creative pursuit, involving music, writing, cooking, or art? Is it a passion, like food, film, or travel? How has it shaped your life?

My two great loves are Matt and drawing. My Muse has been absent a bit lately, but she's returned, which is good, because I missed drawing. Staring at a blank page with no inspiration to draw anything is not a terribly good feeling. It used to just flow out, now it's more like a trickle. Better than not at all. Lack of drawing has been bolstered by my bad photography. Really, I'd like to get better, take some classes, eventually get a DSLR. I've also been a bit more serious about belly dancing, now that I know how to do the arm and shoulder movements, it's a LOT more fun. I can still do those, even though the Red Tide is holding my lower abdomen hostage.

And if those fail, the fic!Muse likes to hang around, so writing is an option to keep me creative. She strikes at the most inopportune times, of course, but that's kind of just how it works.

Feb. 14th, 2010

Happy Valentine's day LJ land. May Aphrodite and Eros be kind to you.

dolly update

So I've decided that Drystan is getting an overhaul, and so is Nerine. What this is means is that I'm going to be selling the dolls I have in favor of different ones that will fit the character better. Iplehouse's Evan looks like an older version of the doll I already have for Drystan, he's also taller, and a little bulkier. I honestly don't want another 70cm doll that isn't a DOI Luke, so I'm going to hold off on buying Evan in hopes of seeing if Iplehouse will do him in a 65cm body. If anyone is needing a Delf El with the original default face up--not the new one that took away his prankster look--drop me a line. He'll be coming with two pairs of pants, a black leeke wig, and a pair of 16mm green eyes.

As for Nerine, I've been talking with a girl from Tokyo on DOA who's had the fairy ai Hanael on her wishlist for a bit. Honestly, I'd like to avoid shipping internationally, but if she's my only taker, I'm not going to turn her down. Fairyland's LittleFee Leah looks better for the character anyway, and I can get her in normal skin. I loath loath loath photographing beauty white x.x I haven't decided to sell to the Tokyo girl, and if anyone else wants her, she's almost in perfect condition. I say almost because one of her wings broke at the base, and I'm planning on gluing it. Once that happens it'll be impossible to tell that it was ever broken at all. I have pics, if you'd like to see.

I still need to get Celeste restrung, but I think that will wait until I have Evan, because I'll want them both wired, and he'll need a tattoo done on one of his arms. So Lori, how good are you at tattoos? ;D

Lost Canvas StS Fic.

Athene/SashaxSagittarius Sisyphus. Sorry Tenma. You're cute and all, but she hasn't acknowledged your feelings yet. Sasha was a much better goddess than Saori could ever hope to be.

The Blind AngelCollapse )

Dec. 29th, 2009

Drystan's got a snazzy new shirt ensamble, I decided to go with a gamer look because, well, I love gamers. XD Unfortunately both he and Celeste need to be restrung BADLY. They're floppier than marionnettes. Hubby says he'd like to see them wired also, which wouldn't be a bad idea. I missed the snow photos because they will not even cooperate sitting up. Should contact Al for a restringing party. I heart her Notdoll. Such a goofy mouth, but so adorable :3

Xmas was a lovely affair, but incredibly taxing. All I want to do is sleep until I'm not tired, and that's not going to happen until the weekend. Saw Avatar, it was flipping amazing. So what about the plot being transparant, there's nothing wrong with retelling a story, it's still worth every penny spent. Looking forward to Sherlock Holmes, it will be a fun movie too.